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What is the FairTicket?

The FairTicket is available in two versions:

  • The Hochstift Network FairTicket is valid on all buses and trains in the Paderborn and Höxter districts. It costs €36.00 per month.
  • With the City of Paderborn FairTicket, those entitled can use all buses and trains in the Paderborn metropolitan area. It costs €24.90 per month.
  • The FairTicket is valid all day for unlimited use. Night buses can also be used subject to a surcharge

Who can use the FairTicket?

The following people are entitled to use the FairTicket:

  • Recipients of Unemployment Benefit II and income support (SGB II)
  • Recipients of benefits for old-age income support, those with reduced earnings and those receiving ongoing support allowing them to continue living at home (“Social Security Benefits”, SGB XII)
  • Recipients of standard benefits in accordance with the Asylum Seekers Benefits Act
  • Recipients of ongoing benefits for war victims in accordance with the Federal War Pensions Act

What does the FairTicket offer?

Unlimited use of buses and trains for a month

  • Hochstift Network FairTicket: valid in the Paderborn and Höxter districts
  • City of Paderborn FairTicket: valid in the Paderborn metropolitan area
  • The ticket is valid for one person
  • The ticket is not transferable
  • The ticket is valid for all age groups
  • It can be purchased on a monthly basis
  • Cheaper connecting journeys outside the area of validity

Step 1

In order to purchase a FairTicket, you will first need a customer card. This is available from the Social Security Office or Citizens’ Office in your city/municipality or from the JobCenter for the Paderborn or Höxter district. Please bring an official photo ID, e.g. your ID card, driving license or student card, and confirmation of the benefits that you receive.

Schritt 1

Step 2

You can obtain your free customer card from the Social Security Office, Citizens’ Office or JobCenter. Important: The customer card is not a travel ticket – it merely entitles you to purchase the FairTicket. You must sign the customer card.

Schritt 2

Step 3

With a customer card, you can purchase your FairTicket in buses, at the mobithek, at ticket machines or other outlets. The Hochstift Network FairTicket costs €36.00. The City of Paderborn FairTicket costs €24.90.

Schritt 3

Step 4

Please enter the number of your customer card on the FairTicket. You can then use all buses and trains in Hochstift (Hochstift Network FairTicket) or in the Paderborn municipal area (City of Paderborn FairTicket). The ticket is only valid in conjunction with an official photo ID (driving license, ID card etc.) and the customer card.

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Areas of validity

Hochstift Network


Towns and cities/communities in the Paderborn and Höxter districts

City of Paderborn


Tickets marked Entire Network are also valid on individual route sections in accordance with the WestfalenTarif fare rules.

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